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How do I hire a cabin?

You contact us via ph or email (details on this website), and we forward you a MIZIN Cabin Hire Application Form to complete and return to us. OR you can complete a hire application here on this website. Once we have checked all the identification details etc that you have provided on the form and your initial deposit is in MIZIN’s bank account, we contact you for a delivery date and time to install your cabin.

Where do you deliver the cabins?

We deliver cabins NZ wide.

Can I buy a cabin?

No unfortunately not as we are a portable hire company only.

What is a Kowhai cabin and what is a Kauri cabin?

Both cabins are constructed to the same high standard by a Registered NZ builder and to the current NZ building code of NZS3604 and NASH Standard Part 2 2019.Our Kowhai cabin measures 3.6m long x 2.4m wide.Our Kauri cabin measures 4.2m long x 2.4m wide.

How much room do you need to deliver a cabin to me?

We need a width clearance of 2.7m wide for the trailer to enter your site and a height clearance of 3.3m. You need to check the height of overhanging branches, wires and your house eaves. However, if your access is not as wide please contact us during years of deliveries we have always been able to deliver our cabins no matter how difficult the site. We also work with crane and hiab companies who can lift a cabin over houses, fences, swimming pools etc to site your cabin exactly where you want it.You need an area on the property of approx. 5m x 3m to site the cabin. Uneven ground is not a problem for us due to our unique delivery system and adjustable stabiliser legs making our cabins secure and grounded.NZ District Council’s may require additional buildings (e.g. a cabin) to be sited no closer than 2 meters from an existing building or fence; so check your distances and if you have any concerns contact your local Council for clarification.

Am I required to have consents or permits from my local Council if I want a cabin?

No you do not require any council consents or permits to hire one of our cabins and put them on any site you choose; as our cabins are under 10sqm in size and fully portable – similar to a caravan/campervan. Your Council can provide clarification.

Is it any different if I am renting the property and do not own it?

No, it is no different if you do not own the property. However, you will need to check your tenancy agreement to ensure that by adding the cabin to the landlord’s property you do not void your agreement by increasing the number of tenants as specified in your tenancy agreement; and you will also need your landlord’s permission.

If the cabins have electrical power, how do I connect to the existing power?

Each cabin comes with a 15 metre electrical power cord which just plugs into a 3 point house plug.

Does the cabin have lights and power plugs in it?

Yes, each cabin has LED internal and external lights. They also have two double power points; one on the back wall and one on the right hand side wall near the front of the cabin.

What safety measures do you have in the cabin?

Each cabin contains a 10 year smoke alarm. Each cabin is electrically fitted out by a NZ Registered Electrician. Each cabin also has the added feature of a NZ Electrical Warrant of Fitness current for four years from construction date. Each cabin also contains an RCD box for your safety. Each electrical power cord is also fitted with an electrical isolator cord for even more protection.

How warm are MIZIN’s cabins and are they insulated?

Yes, our cabins are very warm as they are insulated in the ceiling, walls and in our cavity floors. We believe we are the only NZ cabin hire company where each cabin has an insulated cavity floor plus a moisture barrier, thereby providing our clients with the warmest of hire cabins available in NZ.From the commencement of the construction of our very first cabin (no: 1) 6 year’s ago, MIZIN has exceeded or met the Government’s legal requirements for insulation levels in rental properties.Good quality carpet and commercial underlay are also in each cabin with thermal backed curtains covering the ranchslider door and window.The cabins also sit approx. 300mm off the ground to provide good air flow and prevent rising damp. Cabins have a deck covered by a canopy for added weather protection.

Are the cabins double glazed?

All cabins hired in the South Island are double glazed.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, you can request a free quote from our 0800 number or franchise forms.

Can you give me a WINZ quote?

Yes we have been WINZ Approved Accommodation Providers for six years.

How long can I hire my cabin for?

As long as you like. Initially we have set hire terms, but once you have reached the end of your hire term, you can keep hiring your cabin for as long as you wish.

How long do I have to wait for delivery of my cabin?

As we always have cabins available for hire, as soon as you have forwarded us your completed Hire Application, we have processed it and can see your initial deposit in our bank account, we will ring you to arrange a day and time to deliver; this can be within a couple of days from your first contact with us.


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