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Buy into a successful business immediately

This means taking ownership of a tried and proven existing business which is already successfully operating in one of the territories – providing you with a high cash flow every week.


Start with the Greenfields (startup) option

This has a lower entry price, and it’s over to you to build the business up in that territory. You will be fully backed with support and training from our MIZIN Franchisor.

No matter which option you choose, there are many benefits for MIZIN franchisees.

  • Buy into a low-risk business (with proven
    performance history).
  • Receive a passive/recurring weekly income.
  • Run your business from home if you wish, with
    lower overheads.

No previous experience in sales, the hire industry, or construction is required. We are solely a hire business. All management systems, manuals, operations processes, Hire Applications, Terms of Trade Policies etc are all established and well ingrained within MIZIN’s business model.

A quality Kiwi Service

MIZIN has been operating for five years – previously under Cabin Hire NZ. In that time, the business has rapidly grown in scale, service areas, and revenue. We know that’s because of New Zealand’s ever-increasing demand for flexible, fast, and affordable accommodation and office space. It’s also because we have established our brand as a trusted company with our customers and organisations such as Work & Income NZ. All of our franchisees must also share our family values, and believe in delivering a quality product and service that is second to none; we see high levels of repeat business as a result.

A professional company

We have built a reputation as being professional and dependable. We have researched the various codes, requirements, and legislation to meet all Council and Government regulations. Our cabins have been designed to meet and even exceed the minimum standards. MIZIN franchisees take pride in the quality of the cabins they supply and their work, which is backed by easy flowing and documented processes time after time. You will find great satisfaction through helping people find an affordable, quality solution when they need more space.

MIZIN Franchisee Benefits

Here is an opportunity to run a proven and productive business, with relatively low labour input, and a steady income.

For the past five years, Gordon and Mary Green have been running the business hands-on, so they know all the ins and outs. In that time, they have developed a roadmap for all potential franchisees to run successful businesses – while also honouring their brand values that are so important. They’ve found that it’s a great business for a husband and wife team working together. For example, one person doing the practical labour, and another to field enquiries, provide customer service, and do the book work.

A significant financial advantage is that MIZIN franchisees are paid daily, because they have an asset out on hire. It has a recurring income with a consistent weekly cash flow from an asset that you own and which requires very low maintenance and downtime thus resulting in an easy and quick turnaround. Once the cabin is out on hire there is usually no ongoing maintenance needing to be carried out.

What does it Take?

In the past five years, we have already solved and considered the potential set-up and operating issues in our system. Our support does make it easy for you to start your franchise from scratch, or buy into an existing one. However, potential franchisees will still need the motivation and drive to create and maintain a reputable business that meets MIZIN’s high standards. It’s up to you to create success, and we believe the sky’s the limit!

Above all, you must fit with MIZIN’s ethos and culture of providing quality communication and customer service that Gordon and Mary have so carefully established. You must believe in and look after the MIZIN brand.

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I would like to become a MIZIN Franchise Owner