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The MIZIN Difference

We make it easy for you to get the top-quality space you need.
Our quality cabins and customer service are second to none in NZ. MIZIN cabins are cosy, well-equipped, solid, and safe.
All cabins are brand new, near new, or refurbished, and are designed for easy maintenance inside and out. We also ensure that cabins are always available when you need them, and we can supply them at short notice.

In most cases you don’t need Council consents or permits, as our cabins are all fully portable and all under 10sqm. However, Councils can have differing regulations therefore if you have any concerns please contact your Local Council. The insulation, electrical work and building quality are all up to Code. MIZIN cabins are constructed on a steel base with insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor cavity – which is one of the extras differences that set us apart from other NZ portable cabin companies. MIZIN cabins retain warmth in the winter, and our customers have reported significant savings on their power bills compared to alternative cabins they have hired. They also come installed with high-quality carpets, a doormat and thermal- backed curtains.

Health and safety issues, such as condensation and mould, are also easily preventable. The comprehensive insulation, thick carpet and underlay, and window security latches allowing for risk-free ventilation all help limit health issues. In the summer, the window and sliding door configuration allows cooling cross- ventilation. Each cabin is also fitted with a 10-year smoke alarm, together with an Electrical Warrant of Fitness.

Before delivery, your cabin will be thoroughly cleaned, drug-tested and fitted with new curtains and/or new carpet if required. Our experienced installers can manoeuvre your cabin into a tight space and, if necessary, even HIAB it over a fence, swimming pool or house to place it exactly where you wish. We can also install our cabins on uneven ground. Our installers have the experience to offer you insight about where to install your cabin to take advantage of both sun and shade. make the most of the conditions. If you need a cabin urgently, we will pull out all the stops to get it to you within your timeframe. Standard installation on your site will take approximately one hour.

Once installed, our cabins do not rock under movement inside. Each cabin has stabiliser legs on all four corners and sits on wooden blocks, so you will feel very grounded and secure. Both sizes (Kowhai and Kauri) have a deck at the front entrance covered by a canopy, and we can add an extra step or handrail if required – just let us know what you need.

When you want to reach us for advice, to ask any questions, or to order a cabin, it’s easy. We have an 0800 free phone number available 8am–8pm 7 days/week, which is always answered by a real person. You can also use the form here on our website if you prefer. We’re here to help you find a convenient solution to your needs. We have years of experience, and our cabins have proven to be the perfect choice for so many people and businesses – for either the short or long term.

At MIZIN, we’re proud to say that we have family values at our core. That means providing you with a top-quality cabin, making the process easy and transparent, and offering a solution that holds terrific value – that’s why MIZIN is the only name to remember for portable cabin hire nationwide!

MIZIN Sleepouts & cabins are a space-creating solution that’s unique to the NZ market because:

  • All cabins are constructed to New Zealand Building Standard NZS3604 and NASH Standard Part 2 2019 – giving you security and peace of mind.
  • Cabins are fully insulated, including the walls, ceiling and within the floor cavity, providing power savings in winter, and a healthy environment year-round.
  • Cabins are built with top-quality all new materials.
  • No Council or building consents are required, as all cabins are under 10sqm and portable.
  • Electrical work is carried out by a certified electrician. All cabins are certified with an Electrical Warrant of Fitness (four years’ cover), wired through an RCD switchboard for your safety, and issued by an Electrical Inspector.
  • Simply connect power into a standard three-point plug.
  • Cabins come with high-quality clean or new carpet and underlay.
  • The opening window and ranch slider are always covered by new thermal-backed curtains for warmth and privacy.
  • Cabins are fitted with a 10-year smoke alarm for your safety.
  • Interior walls are painted in neutral colours, so you can better personalise your space.
  • Cabins are fully transportable, and uneven ground is not a problem.
  • Each cabin is installed on wooden blocks, and corner stabilisers, for excellent steadiness with movement inside.
  • Cabins sit approximately 400mm off the ground for air circulation and to prevent rising damp.
  • Front decks are around 1.8m wide x 600mm deep, and are covered by a canopy.
  • MIZIN is a WINZ approved Accommodation Provider and is happy to supply quotes free of charge.
  • MIZIN is a member of HIANZ (Hire Industry Association of NZ) and abides by all their Codes.
  • MIZIN is an Essential Business as designated by the NZ Government. We are always at the end of the phone to help our clients during COVID-19 and/or similar disasters.
  • MIZIN is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and run with your best interests at heart.
  • MIZIN is an Essential Business as designated by the NZ Government. We are always at the end of the phone to help our clients during COVID-19 and/or similar disasters. We will remain fully operational and can help you should another epidemic or natural disaster occur.

Kowhai Cabin

$85 per week (incl. GST)
Minimum 6 months hire
3.6m x 2.4m
Hire Now
Plan – Twin beds
Kowhai Plan - Twin beds
Window 1m
Deck approx 1.8m X 0.8m
Floor Area 7.6m2

Layout Ideas

Plan – Double Bed
Kowhai Plan - Double Bed
Plan – Office
Kowhai Plan - Office

Kauri Cabin

$100 per week (incl. GST)
Minimum 6 months hire
4.2m x 2.4m
Hire Now
Plan – Twin beds
Kauri Plan - Twin beds
Window 1m
Deck approx 1.8m X 0.8m
Floor Area 8.9m2

Layout Ideas

Plan – Double Bed
Kauri Plan - Double Bed
Plan – office
Kauri Plan - office

Rimu Cabin

$145 per week (incl. GST)
Minimum 6 months hire
4.8m x 2.4m
Hire Now
Plan – Twin Beds
Rimu Plan - Twin Beds
Window 1m
Deck approx 1.8 X 0.8m
Floor Area 10.1m2

Layout Ideas

Plan – Double Bed
Rimu Plan - Double Bed
Plan – Office
Rimu Plan - Office

MIZIN Portable Cabins – Quality, Transparency, Value

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